Tips for those departing from FCO Airport

Your flight from FCO Airport is going to take off soon and even if you are an expert traveler there is always going to be something that may compromise your vacation.

In this article we will give you some fundamental tips about traveling by airplane especially when you depart from one of the busiest airports in Europe.

Let’s start!

Tips #1: check your luggage’ size

Let’s start with saying that each airline has its different policy about sizes.

One good habit is to always check their website and look for the precise dimensions allowed for both carry-on and hold.

Usually, especially for carry-on baggage, the total size of the bag has to be 115 centimeters whereas hold baggage has to be left at the specific check-in desk and tagged with all the mandatory information.

Tips #2: liquids and fluids

Since 9/11 there are many different laws and restrictions applied to whom choose to travel by airplane.

EU countries, for example, apply some important restrictions to the allowed amount of fluids and liquids allowed per passenger on their carry-on luggage.

When you pass the security check, each bag you are carrying with you will be accurately searched and scanned: liquids must be organized in transparent and clear containers which can be easily analyzed by the security team.

Our suggestion is to arrive prepared: put the liquids you will need during your vacations in these containers and get away with it nice and fast. If, however, you forget about it, do not worry.

There will be specific containers and bags waiting for you before the security scanners.

Tips #3: documents

It doesn’t matter where you are from nor where you are going you will always need a document attesting your true identity. If you are a European citizen traveling inside the Schengen zone, all you need is your national ID card.

If you are traveling around the world, be sure of having all the documents you need in order to get inside your destination once you land.

Tips #4: when should you arrive to FCO Airport before your flight?

The answer to this question is the following: it depends on where you are going. National and international flights, according to each airline, have different policies and our suggestion is to check their website or your ticket to look for their specifications.

Once you arrive at FCO Airport, remember to check-in on your flight: go to he assigned desk, show your ID and leave your luggage.

Then, go through the security check: there may be a crowded line in there, and arriving a bit earlier would be a nice way to avoid unnecessary complications.

One more thing: Rome, as you can probably imagine, is a chaotic city with a complex viability.

If you want to avoid being stuck in traffic and arrive to FCO Airport in time for your flight, we recommend our shuttle services.  You can read more about it here.

Tips #5: where can I check more information about my departing flight?

Once you are inside FCO Airport you will be able to check all the information you need to catch you flight (such as scheduled departure, delays, gates and so on) by using different channels:

  • The monitors you will find in each area of the airport
  • Information desks
  • PA
  • FCO Airport website
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