Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions are an integral part of any agreement made with The LImo Shuttle regarding car rental services with driver and any other services offered and sold on this website.


The user sends a reservation request by completing the booking form and completes the process by clicking on the button book now and/or pay now. Before completing the booking the user can modify, correct and view the data at any time using the forward and back buttons. Reservation requests will only be issued and transmitted if the user clicks on the “accepts terms” and conditions button. If the user chose to pay in Cash, he will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail with the summary of reservation in status “Waiting”. It does not constitute the confirmation of booking. The reservation is actually confirmed when the user receives an e-mail from the system with state of “Accepted” and then can proceed to stamp the Voucher and/or view it at any time through his personal account on this website page. If the user decide to pay with Credit Card Online, you will redirect to a website for secure payment (Paypal). Before you proceed, keep on hand the credentials for payment. Once the payment is succesful, you will redirected back to our website and you will receive an automatic email with state of “Accepted”.


The transportation, city tour or shore excursion service comes from the booking confirmation from The Limo Shuttle. The transportation prices are valid for a one way journey. Hourly rates and city tours or excursions are based on the time period requested or that reported on the website as the predefined services. The price in the reservation includes the amount of luggage indicated without supplements. The user has to indicate the exact number and size of each baggage in order to allow the staff of The Limo Shuttle to choose the vehicle best suited to customer needs. The excess baggage will not be accepted or better will be at the discretion of the driver or provider of the limo transportation service to accept or not accept them if you have not communicated the number and size of each baggage at the time of booking. All special requests, needs and anything else not indicated with specific field must be entered in the “additional comments” in the booking process. If the user does not make the request in the appropriate field and specify the need of a car seat if there is a child, Worry-Free & Smart Sc cannot be held responsible for damages or injuries resulting from the failure to communicate the data by the user or the carrying out of services by the supplier of the limousine services or driver according to the road safety laws. Exceptional situations such as flight controllers’ strike, bad weather etc. can affect the provider of limousine services and can lead to longer wait times or short notice cancellation. These conditions must be accepted by the user.


The regulations of the Highway Code and the city code apply throughout the journey or during all other transport services sold on this website, in particular the obligation to wear seat belts. The instructions of the driver have to always be followed. The driver has the responsibility to safely perform the journey and is always attentive to the well-being of its passengers. Passengers are forbidden to open the doors when the vehicle is in motion, to throw objects from the vehicle and/or protrude from the window or yell from the vehicle. There is no smoking, eating and drinking alcohol in the vehicle.


Limo Shuttle SC a r.l.  is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the information content and the programs that are published on the website Civitavecchiashuttleexprerss.com or for damages from it, This applies to all types of damage, particularly those caused by errors, delays or interruptions of service or problems with service interruption, technical failures of infrastructure, incorrect content omissions, loss or deletion of data, viruses or any damage that may arise from the use of this online service. Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l. is also not responsible for the availability and functionality of the features offered. Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l. assumes no responsibility for the content, correctness, legality and effectiveness of the websites of third parties which refer via links to the Civitavecchia Shuttle Express website. The opening of these links is at your own risk. Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l. cannot guarantee that the information provided is correct and complete and reach users or drivers in time. Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l. is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to goods in vehicles. Any claims for damages must be addressed exclusively to the supplier of limousine transport services or drivers. It is the user’s responsibility to look after their property.


The user of Civitavrecchiashuttleexpress.com is responsible for ensuring that all information that has been provided to Civitavecchiashuttleexpress.com by himself or by another person on his behalf and / or on their own expense is complete and accurate. Any use, registration , etc. with a false, fraudulent or speculative purpose is prohibited. The same applies to the registration with automated procedures. The user confirms that the Civitavecchiashuttleexpress.com transport services and limousine service providers will be used exclusively for legal transactions. The user releases Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l. from all claims and expenses , including reasonable attorney fees, arising from unlawful service of Civitavecchia Shuttle Express or in violation of these terms and conditions . The user is responsible for all damage caused by him to the vehicle and the driver over the legal limit and in accordance with the regulations.


It is absolutely forbidden for drivers to propose and take subsequent agreements for transfers, city tours, shore excursions, and any other type of rental service with driver directly with customers and/or users of this website. Agreements between the aforementioned parties outside of these terms and conditions and different from what is specified in the “contract formation” present on this web site are at the sole risk of the customer and/or user, automatically releasing Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l. of all responsibilities for any delay, loss of aircraft, cruise ships, failure to provide the service and all problems and damages arising from methods of booking and agreements other than those specified in this website. Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l. is not responsible for these behaviors and agreements extraneous to it and also is not liable for any claims of compensation for damage caused by fraudulent and incorrect behavior. The user and/or customer/s exonerates Worry-Free & Smart Sc from all damages and claims, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from the unlawful use of Civitavecchia Shuttle Express services and/or breach of these terms and conditions.


The content displayed on this website www.civitavecchiashuttleexpress.com is copyright protected. Its use is subject to applicable copyright. The contents of this website may not be modified, copied, republished, transmitted, distributed or stored without the consent of Limo Shuttle Sc a r.l.


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