Transportation from FCO to Civitavecchia: everything you need to know

Fiumicino Airport and Civitavecchia port are two of the most important mobility hubs in Rome and probably you have heard of them before.

Fiumicino Airport is the most important airport in the Eternal City where everyday thousands of tourist land and take off in order to start their holiday in the city. It is located in west of Rome on the coast south of Civitavecchia.

Civitavecchia is commonly known as “The port of Rome”, but it is located a medium size town about 80km north west of Rome.

The distance between Fiumicino and Civitavecchia is, approximately, one hour by car and there are many means of transport that can be chosen.

In this article we will see and compare each one of them, trying to find which transportation from FCO to Civitavecchia actually fits your needs.

Train: the cheapest choice of transportation from FCO to Civitavecchia

As you can probably imagine due to the distances between FCO and Civitavecchia, there is no direct connection between them.

There are, however, frequent rail service between Civitavecchia and Rome Fiumicino airport that requires at least one change of train on the edge of the city of Rome.

This is, by far, the cheapest way to get from point A to point B in a reasonable (yet unpredictable due to strikes and general delays) amount of time.

Another issue that can be problematic when traveling by train is your own comfort: you will have to carry your luggage on and off the train at each station and keeping it with you inside the vehicle (please note that, being a regional train, there is an high chance of being standing and not seated for the whole journey).

So, if you are in a rush and you are carrying a fair number of suitcases, trains may not be your cup of tea.

Civitavecchia Shuttle Express, a new experience when traveling from FCO to Civitavecchia

If you are looking for a transportation from FCO to Civitavecchia which is punctual, fast and fair in price, the idea of renting your own shuttle with a driver may be the right one.

This kind of services, in fact, are not subject to sudden delays or cancellation, because you can book them in advance and schedule your trip without problems.

Moreover, comfort is absolutely ensured thanks to the design of the vehicles.

Let’s see what that means.

Choosing our services, you will have the following guarantees:

  • Personal Meet & Greet by the driver at your accommodation, ship or airport: you will be able to book your own ride and communicate with your drive right after your reservation is approved
  • Your payment can be cash, online or by credit card: there are no additional fees nor extra prices if you bring more than one luggage
  • Our help line is available 24/7

Moreover, we can offer you many different solutions in terms of vehicles and destination.

If you want to visit more cities other than Rome, for example, we can provide you tours of Florence, Naples or Tivoli.

So, are you ready to start this new adventure with us?Do you have more questions? Check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page!

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