From Rome to Ciampino Airport: easy peasy lemon squeezy

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and so does your vacation in Rome.

If your flight leaves from Ciampino Airport (CIA) and you don’t have a clue about how you can get there from the city there, read carefully the following lines, because Civitavecchia Shuttle Express is exactly what you are looking for.

Cheap, fast and punctual: Civitavecchia Shuttle Express solution to be at the airport right on time and avoid unpleasant surprises such a missed flight.

Let’s see why.

From Rome to Ciampino Airport with love

As you may have experienced during your stay in the Eternal City, life and logistics in Rome can be quite an experience.

Moving and wandering around Rome can be a wonderful experience on one hand because the sight and the monuments are quite unique, but painful and complex on the other, because public transportation and cabs are rare and expensive.

Buses and subways are a cool option if you have to get a carefree tour of the city, but when you have to be somewhere at a specific time (i.e. Ciampino airport), they may be quite dangerous.

In order to be at CIA using public transportation, the options you have are not that many.

In fact, there is no direct train that will get you to Ciampino from Termini: you can catch a train from the main station and it will get to Ciampino city and from there you will find a bus that will bring you to the airport.

This solution is not too reliable (trains can be late or suspended) and it is not provided H24.

Taxis may be resourceful, but they are hard to find (especially if you are not near any station) and they are definitely expensive. Plus, they do not always allow credit card payment.

So what?

If you want to avoid useless stress and potential accident on your way to the airport, the solution you need is a private transfer.

Civitavecchia Shuttle Express offers a wide range of services from one-way airport transfer or port transfer by private car or for a more economical option, by shared shuttle services with scheduled times, city tours and shore excursions.

Our driving forces are two:

  • ensuring the best comfort and safety to our customers during our rides
  • being a nice travel experience, for whoever chooses us

In order to be spotless, our drivers must pass an annual aptitude and psychological test and are subject to an annual drug test and blood alcohol screening; plus, our fleet is composited of sedans, minivans and tourist buses.

How Can I Reserve a Shuttle?

Our booking process is very easy and mobile friendly.

All you have to do is using the booking form you will find on our website and choose the type of service you would like to reserve.

Once the reservation has been completed you will receive an email with access credentials for your personal account and a second email with the sum of your reservation. You can pay both by cash/credit card and online.

What about the driver?

The comfort of our clients is our priority: this is the reason why you will tell your driver where to find you: it can be your hotel or any other location in Rome, but your transfer will be there at the scheduled hour.

The day before the scheduled date, you will receive the details of the driver assigned to you via email such as photo, phone number and email.

From that moment, you will be able to communicate with the driver, if necessary.

Getting back to real life after your vacation in Rome can be painful, but Civitavecchia Shuttle Express you will, at least, leave the Eternal City with comfort and simplicity.

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